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Danica Crewing Specialists adds Indian seafarers to its international crew pool

International crewing expert Danica Crewing Specialists now has a presence in Mumbai, boosting its recruitment and crew supply operation with Indian seafarers.

Announcing the new office, Henrik Jensen, CEO of Danica Crewing Specialists, said, “India is one of the key providers of ships’ crew and boasts many excellent resources for all vessel types and ranks. We are delighted to now be able to add this huge resource of competent Indian seafarers to our significant international crew pool. The Indian office will expand our successful single-contact-point approach to ship owners and operators seeking crew for their fleets. We extend a warm welcome to our Indian office team and new crew recruits.”

Danica’s new operation in India is an alliance with Energios Maritime. The Mumbai office is run by a team of very experienced staff who will fit smoothly into Danica’s global supply network, operating to the same high standards and carrying out Danica’s well-established strict candidate screening and selection processes.

Vijay Rangroo, CEO and founder of Energios, said “We share Danica’s vision and are pleased to be working with the Danica team to bring Indian seafarers to Danica’s clients through our in-depth knowledge of, and experience with, the Indian market”.

New Cyprus operational centre boosts Danica’s crewing network

Danica Crewing Specialists continues to expand and we are pleased to announce the opening of our new operational centre in Limassol Cyprus.

Danica continues to expand its network of recruitment offices in new countries and the new Cyprus regional centre will provide a central operations coordination centre to strengthen the company’s one-contact-point service policy, giving our clients access to an exceptional number of seafarers.

To ensure that Danica continues to provide same high quality crewing services even with a larger network of offices, we are pleased to announce that Denis Procenko has been appointed in the new role of Danica Chief Operations Officer. Denis brings with him his vast experience of international crew recruitment and operations gained from working at blue-chip ship owning and ship management companies. He will work with our Cyprus team, composed of a mix of staff members transferred from other Danica offices as well as new recruits from Cyprus.

Denis commented: “Our new Cyprus operational centre complements our extensive office network throughout eastern Europe and in the Far East. It will help us to ensure our clients have the required number of competent seafarers to enable them to fulfil their business goals.”

Danica Managing Director Henrik Jensen added: “The Limassol office is a milestone in Danica’s development to becoming an international maritime recruitment company offering shipping companies a wide range of nationality of seafarers which all have passed Danica’s strict screening and selection process. Cyprus is a very important maritime nation and we are looking forward to be a member of the maritime community in Cyprus”

Today Danica’s crew-supply network covers Ukraine, Georgia, The Baltic States (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuanian), Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and the Philippines.

For further information please visit our website: www.danica-maritime.com

Danica opens new office in Batumi

Danica Crewing Specialists is pleased to announce it has opened a new office in Batumi, Georgia, enabling the company to access an even larger pool of competent officers and seafarers.

With a population of more than 3.7million, Georgia is a small country in the south-eastern corner of Europe which is home to some 10,000 officers and the same number of ratings,

Georgia’s key seafarer hub is Batumi, a city on the Black Sea coast with a population of about 300K, while the capital city of Tbilisi also offers a seafaring community.

In addition to recruiting, vetting and supplying Georgian crew, Danica’s new office will act as a point of contact for the many Ukrainian seafarers who are now based in the country. Georgia has recognition agreements for seafarers’ licenses with most flag states in the world. Its maritime education and certification systems have been completely overhauled over the past decade and now fully meet IMO STCW and EMSA requirements.

The new Danica office is headed by Capt Raul Beridze, a Georgian citizen who had a successful career at sea, culminating in the command of bulk carriers, before coming ashore in 2018 to found a manning agency which is now merged into the Danica Group. Working alongside him, the Danica Batumi team consists of three experienced crewing officers.

Announcing the new office, Captain Henrik Jensen, Danica Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to welcome Batumi, Georgia into the Danica group of companies. This addition will boost our pool of seafarers and is a welcome addition. Danica is diversifying and growing to ensure we are still able to provide our owners with the quality crew they require, particularly at this challenging time of crew shortages.”

Leading the way on Day of the Seafarer

Leadership plays a crucial role in sailing a harmonious ship and supporting seafarers in their challenging roles at sea, according to Captain Henrik Jensen, Managing Director of Danica Crewing Specialists.

As the global shipping industry marks Day of the Seafarer on June 25th , with this year’s theme of “Your Voyage, Then and Now”, Capt Jensen said: “Good leadership is vital in a high-pressure workplace like a ship, particularly among senior officers who could be leading a crew of 20 people, some of whom may be feeling quite stressed. Ships’ Masters do a great job and this is a good opportunity to celebrate their skills as we applaud all seafarers.”

To celebrate seafarer journeys, Danica is encouraging its crew members to share their stories online, using this year’s hashtag #seafarerjourney.

A qualified nautical captain, his own voyage has included extensive sea-going experience, particularly on offshore vessels. Coming ashore he held senior positions with leading shipmanagement companies, specialising in marine human resources, before founding Danica Crewing Specialists which supplies international crew, particularly from Eastern Europe, to a wide range of ocean-going vessels.

Mr Jensen was at the forefront in providing support to crew impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, especially crew change restrictions and Covid-19 vaccination. With offices in Ukraine he is now instrumental in providing support to displaced seafarers and their families, speaking out on behalf of crew impacted by the war in Ukraine and protecting his operational staff there. “People are important to me,” he commented. “This industry is all about the people we work alongside and successful businesses are built on relationships and mutual trust.”

Danica Training Services

Danica Training Services offers high-quality training courses at major seafarer hubs in Eastern Europe (Odessa in Ukraine) as well as online training courses. All our courses are designed to empower seamen to successfully fulfill their duties onboard ship, thus ensuring the safe, efficient and cost effective operations of the ship owner’s assets.
Victor, the third officer, completed a 4-day training at the Danica Training Center. He told us about the course and how useful it was.
Why did you choose Danika’s trainings?
I was recommended by the seafarers who previously attended it. I needed to structure information for my work. I needed to get specific information to be more confident about my knowledge.

Tell us more about courses
I studied individually. This is a great formula for quick results. Master devoted time to my specific questions and systematized my knowledge that had been obtained earlier in educational institutions.
In addition, Alexander is an excellent captain mentor who has developed an effective course for seafarers who want to improve their skills.

How long did the training last?
It took me 4 to 6 hours a day for 4 days to work intensively.
I think the duration of the training and the number of hours depends on the training program and the seafarer's request.
Training is a combination of work with a teacher in the classroom and homework after training.

What did you learn at the training?
I had specific inquiries about navigation, documents on the bridge for the second officer, fire equipment, rescue equipment, and more.
The course gave me confidence about my knowledge and now I am waiting for a promotion for a second officer.

Learn more about programs at Danica Trainings website: danica-crewing.wixsite.com/danica-trainings

Client presentation: ForestWave Navigation

Danica cooperates with one of the best ship owners in the world ForestWave Navigation.
ForestWave Navigation is a shipping company offering shipmanagement and commercial management for seagoing multipurpose vessels of 5.000 to 12.000 ton carrying capacity. These vessels are operated in European waters and the Atlantic Basin. ForestWave Navigation owns 36 vessels.
This autumn the representatives from Danica Maritime Services and Forestwave Navigation visited the National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”. They discussed the education system, cadet's preparation, and cooperation capacities.
Why should you work with ForestWave Navigation?
- Internet on ships;
-Marine Benefits insurance program for a seafarers, their wifes and children after the 1st contract;
- Promotion program.

Training started and we offer upgrading courses

We are pleased to report that we resumed our classroom training activities in Odesa, Ukraine.

Danica Training Services offers high-quality training courses at major seafarer hubs in Eastern Europe (Odessa in Ukraine and Saint Petersburg in Russia) as well as online training courses. All our courses are designed to empower seamen to successfully fulfill their duties onboard ship, thus ensuring the safe, efficient and cost effective operations of the ship owner’s assets.

In addition we offer English classes by experienced native English speaking teachers.

Courses are delivered by capt. Kapitonov.

For more information about Danica's courses please contact capt. Kapitonov: kapitonov@danica-crewing.com

Vaccinations. No jab, no travel, no job.

In the global fight against Covid-19, vaccination is a key. Therefore, IMEC and ITF strongly recommend that seafarers get vaccinated and for companies to ensure that the seafarers are vaccinated. But what does Danica Crewing Services think about vaccination?

Henrik Jensen
Founder of the Danica Group and Managing Director

For COVID-19 there are only two options: Be vaccinated or be ill. COVID-19 is a very serious illness. 20% of people who get the infection will require medical treatment in a hospital and 5% will require oxygen through a ventilator. Onboard the ships you work on there is no equipment or medicine to treat you if you get COVID-19 infected. There is only one bottle of oxygen and it will only last for some hours. A joining seafarer bringing the COVID-19 infection onboard will not only be a disaster for the person himself but also he could infect his fellow crew members.

An increasing number of countries and airlines are now only allowing persons who are fully vaccinated to travel. Maybe you will be able to join, but when your contract ends in 4-6 months’ time then you can find yourself in a situation where you will not be allowed to sign-off.

There are also countries who only allow shore leave for the crew if all crew members onboard are vaccinated. Do you want to be the one who blocks for the others to go ashore?

All the above together is the reason why an increasing number of owners only accept seafarers who are fully vaccinated.

In short: No jab, no job!

Vyacheslav Melnychenko
Recruitment Manager, Danica Crewing Services

Based on MLC procedures, employers should provide safe work space for seafarers. COVID 19 imposed a new focus of care - viral safety. IMO set up COVID procedures which should be followed.

Vaccination simplifies procedures and protects seafarers from illness. Bearing in mind that medical care on board is on a basic level and reanimation is almost impossible, we advise you to protect Yourself by vaccines.

Captain Oleksandr Kapitonov

Vaccination is very important for crew change. In many countries priority for crew change will be given to those crew members who are vaccinated.

If a sign-on crew member is not vaccinated they have to stay 2 weeks in a hotel on arrival in the Philippines (for example). This is an extra cost.

In many countries crew members can not be signed off if not vaccinated.

That’s why every seafarer has to be vaccinated to save his work.

Client Presentation: Bahri

Danica cooperates with the best ship owners in the world: one of these companies is Bahri Shipping Company.

Bahri, formerly known as the National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia - a national shipping carrier of Saudi Arabia.

Bahri was established by Royal Decree as a public company in 1978, 22% owned by the Government Investment Fund (PIF) of the Government of Saudi Arabia. This guarantees the reliability and transparency of employment on one of Bahri's ships.

Bahri has grown from a small shipping firm operating multipurpose vessels to become one of the biggest shipping conglomerates in the world.

Today Bahri, in cooperation with Danica, provides employment for FSU Officers for:

1)The largest fleet of VLCCs in the world (with a total capacity of more than 13 million DWT)

2)The largest fleet of chemical tanker ships in the Middle East. (approximately 1.3 million DWT)

3) Bulker fleet (Panamax size)

4) Rocont (26000 DWT)

The company currently owns 89 vessels.

The company provides seafarers with career opportunities, competitive terms of employment and progressive wages scales.

Here are some of recreation facilities on Bahri Ships:

- Smoking room
- Gymnasium
- Television and DVD players
- Movie DVD stock (company provides funds for local purchase)
- Music centers/Karaoke
- Indoor games
- Internet facilities
- Access to e-mail communication
- Swimming pool on VLCCs
- Ship's Library

Henrik Jensen, Founder of the Danica Group and Managing Director, will take part in a discussion at Tanker Shipping & Trade Conference, Awards & Exhibition 2021 2-3 of November in Athens.

He will be speaking about:

- How COVID transformed tanker safety, operations and vetting inspections
- What recent incident and near-miss data tells us about tanker safety
- New approaches to human element training for tanker crews
- The tanker industry’s safety priorities for 2022
- SIRE 2.0: evolution or revolution
- Holistic approaches to crew screening and selection

Vessel operators, charterers, regulators, class and the supply chain will gather to benchmark industry knowledge, build business relationships and gain a competitive edge in all of the aspects that make for successful and sustainable tanker operations

Learn more about the event: www.rivieramm.com/events/tanker-operations-conference-europe-2021

Maritime Safety Committee (MSC), 104th session, 4-8 October 2021

The development of guidelines for remote surveys of vessels has been proposed to the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) meeting, which was online 4 - 8 October 2021. BIMCO attended these meetings also.

The IMO MSC meeting (session 104) considered the new proposal to develop guidelines on remote surveys, with a view to global and uniform implementation.

The COVID pandemic has shown the importance of developing common requirements for remote survey, but a ship can be successfully surveyed remotely?

Experience gathered since the start of the pandemic has shown that this can in fact be done, however the online surveys provide the right amount of detail and depth of information needed by the surveyor who is watching on a laptop or tablet is still a pending question.

The Classification Societies have recently reported a massive uplift in the demand for remote surveys.

Nowadays, remote surveys can be used for smaller tasks such as verifying a repair has been undertaken or ensuring minor damage has been rectified.

The lack of uniform guidance for remote surveys may cause negative impacts and undermine the safety on the vessel.

BIMCO is positive to remote surveys as a supplement and an alternative to the ordinary on-site surveys, whenever suitable. They encourage the IMO to develop common guidance for remote surveys.

Crew members are the key to greater efficiency, says Danica

Ship operators are placing greater recognition on the role crew members play as the key to reaching higher efficiency goals, according to crew specialist Danica, which is expanding to meet the growing demand for quality crew services.

As part of its expansion plans, the company will shortly open a new office in Riga, Latvia, and more are set to follow. Danica Managing Director Henrik Jensen said: “Shipping companies are beginning to realise that they have 8-10 seafarers on board for every one office employee and that the performance of these crew members is key to reaching the goal of higher efficiency, cost efficiency, safe operations, and delivering a better bottom line for the company.

“Shipping company CEOs are changing their perspective, away from seeing seafarers solely as a commodity and instead regarding them as important assets which need to be kept and developed. It’s time now for shipping company management teams to ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to crew matters,” he said.

Highlighting the fact that today’s shipping companies need to meet stringent technical, environmental and commercial requirements while returning a profit, Mr Jensen said this is leading more and more ship operators to outsource their crewing requirements. “Shipping companies are seeking a reliable partner for the manning of their vessels with experience and suitable resources, who understands their strategies and is able to implement them.

“The increasing operational requirements of modern vessels demand more specialised crew,” he said. “In order to attract high calibre individuals, today’s ship owners are looking for crew service providers who can deliver more than a just a cv. They want the total package including proper screening, support and training.”

Mr Jensen attributes Danica’s recent expansion to its focus on delivering services which meet the exacting needs of its owners and also to its careful screening of seafarers to ensure they fully meet the requirements of the roles they will fulfil onboard vessels.

“By using a smaller, boutique crew manager like Danica, shipping companies get access to experts in HR marine management, recruitment power and benefit from economies of scale,” he explained. “We are able to deliver an individually designed crew solution which exactly match the client’s needs – thus supporting them in reaching their business goals. We find our clients prefer this rather than having to fit in with the existing systems of larger firms.”

The smart ships of tomorrow will need smart crews too, he said. “Smart shipping is an evolution and not something that will happen overnight, although it is moving at a fast pace.

“New technologies and new vessel modus operandi will require seafarers to have an additional set of competencies,” he explained. “This will narrow the number of candidates who are able to fulfil the requirements – which makes proper screening and training even more important. This is exactly where Danica is strong. We are in a very good position to assist shipping companies with the manning of their smart ships.”

As well as meeting the high standards required by owners, Danica also ensures it appeals to the seafarers it employs. The company offers a vast number of training courses to enable seafarers to develop their skills and progress up the career ladder. “It is important that among seafarers we are a known as a preferred employer,” explained Mr Jensen. “This we achieve by offering jobs with ‘blue-chip’ ship owners as well being a fair employer and assisting crew members in their career through support such as structured promotion training programs.”

Danica has also seen an increase in the use of its crew management services, having recently taken on four new vessels to complement the more than 30 already under its management.

Danica welcomes Four Emerald And Four Diamond

Crew management specialist Danica Crewing Services is pleased to announce it has taken on the crew management of a further two bulk carrier vessels: the Four Emerald and the Four Diamond.
The 33,392 dwt
Four Emerald, built 2012, and the 34,059 dwt Four Diamond, built 2011, both sail under the Maltese flag.

Crew management of the vessels will be conducted in partnership with Sea World Management, a boutique style ship manager based in Monaco, which will deliver the technical management while Danica will be responsible for the crew management.

These two vessels bring Danica’s total number of vessels under crew management to 27. In total (including manning agency services) Danica now deploys more than 1,400 crew on more than 150 vessels through its five manning offices in Ukraine and Russia.

Henrik Jensen, Danica Managing Director, said: “We are excited about these two new vessels and the trust shown in Danica. We are looking forward to combining Danica’s hands-on approach with the competent and professional services of Sea World Management. Together we have designed a competitive crew service package which more than meets the owners’ individual needs.

“We have a number of new vessels in the pipeline which we believe is testimony to the value owners and ship operators place on the professionalism of our eastern European officers.”
Mr Jensen added: “We wish the Master, officers and crew of the
Four Emerald and Four Diamond safe sailings and good winds.”

Danica manages another Ultramax newbuilding

Crew management specialist Danica Crewing Services is pleased to announce it has taken on the crew management of a further newbuilding Ultramax Port Kyushu for Lisbon-headquartered Portline Bulk International.


The 62,550 dwt Port Kyushu, on her maiden voyage from Japan to Canada, was delivered by Oshima Shipbuilding Company, Japan, on 16th of May. The Liberian-flagged bulk carrier brings Danica’s fleet of crew managed vessels to 25.


Delivery of the Port Kyushu follows the entering into management of the Port Imabari which was delivered in January.


Henrik Jensen, Danica Managing Director, said: “With the addition of the Port Kyushu into our crew managed service, our fleet of managed vessels continues to grow in line with our strategy. We provide hands-on crew management and deliver a personalised service designed for each of our clients’ individual needs. We would like to thank the owners for the trust they have shown in us and we appreciate the excellent cooperation shown by teams in both companies which helped ensure this vessel sailed smoothly into our crew management service.”


Mr Jensen added: “We wish the Master, officers and crew of the Port Kyushu safe sailings and good winds.”

Danica takes on ultramax new building

Crew management specialist Danica is pleased to announce it has been entrusted with the crew management of newbuilding ultramax Port Imabari for Lisbon headquartered Portline Bulk International. 

Delivered in January, the 63,500 DWT Port Imabari, equipped with four 30.5 tonnes (SWL) grab cranes, was built at Japan’s Imabari Shipyard. The Marshall Islands-flagged bulk carrier brings Danica’s fleet of crew managed vessels to 23.

Henrik Jensen, Danica Managing Director, said: “We thank the owners for the trust they have shown in us and we appreciate the good cooperation shown by teams in both companies which helped ensure this vessel sailed smoothly into our crew management service.”

The vessel made her maiden voyage from Japan to Vancouver, Canada and crew members sent a photograph to Danica of a snowman they made on deck during the inaugural trip. Mr Jensen added: “We wish the Master, officers and crew of the Port Imabari safe sailings and good winds.”

Danica takes on ultramax new building

Crew management specialist Danica is pleased to announce it has been entrusted with the crew management of the newbuilding ultramax Port Imabari for Lisbon headquartered Portline Bulk International.

Delivered in January, the 63,500 DWT Port Imabari, equipped with four 30.5 tonnes (SWL) grab cranes, was built at Japan’s Imabari Shipyard. The Marshall Islands-flagged bulk carrier brings Danica’s fleet of crew managed vessels to 23.

Henrik Jensen, Danica Managing Director, said: “We thank the owners for the trust they have shown in us and we appreciate the good cooperation shown by teams in both companies which helped ensure this vessel sailed smoothly into our crew management service.”

The vessel made her maiden voyage from Japan to Vancouver, Canada and crew members sent a photograph to Danica of a snowman they made on deck during the inaugural trip. Mr Jensen added: “We wish the Master, officers and crew of the Port Imabari safe sailings and good winds.”

Danica officers onboard the ice-breaking LNG carrier Vladimir Vize

We are pleased to announce that the Danica Crewing Services supplied four junior officers for the new build ice-breaking LNG carrier Vladimir Vize, which was named at a ceremony on the 11th of September at her builders, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd, in Korea.

The vessel is a part of the Yamal LNG project and after being delivered to her owners, MOL LNG Transport Europe Ltd., at the end of September, she will enter into service on the Northern sea route of Russia transporting LNG from Sabetta in Northern Russia to Asia. The LNG carrier Vladimir Rusanov – also with crew from Danica onboard – is already in the service in the same trade.

The vessels are the world’s first ice-breaking LNG carriers and they can all year around navigate on the Northern sea route without assistance from ice breakers. The vessels are 299 meters long and with a beam of 50 meters and with a deadweight of 96,844 ton.

The vessel is named after Vladimir Vize, a Russian scientist of German descent who devoted his life to the study of the Arctic ice pack. 

We congratulate the owners and wish the vessel and her crew to always have safe voyages.

Please check our vacancies on our homepage http://www.danica-crewing.com/index.php?id=30  and apply or update your vacation online.

Visa Cards - Danica continues to improve the conditions for our seafarers

Many seafarers joining a ship through Danica will now get a Visa card free of charge.

The Visa card can of course be used cash free payments at stores, airports, supermarkets, restaurants and online at millions of place around the world and draw cash at most ATM machines.

In addition the seafarer can decide to have his full or part of the allotment transferred to the card and easily by using an App the seafarer can make online transfers to any account across the world or transfer money using the Western Union services.

The seafarer can also decide to keep a balance on the card which is then protected by reliable USA Bank. 

The Visa card and application is of course protected by PIN-codes and with a chip and it is much safer than keeping cash in the cabin onboard or in the pocket.

Marine Medical Program is working at Danica!

Danica Crew Services and Eagle Ship Management continue the common efforts to provide our crew with different benefits and one of its  - the Marine Medical Program (Private Medical Insurance), had already been implemented successfully. Since February, 01, 2018 the 62 seafarers and 2 spouses listed to the program and using the privilege to get medical assistance at first class medical facilities on free of charge basis.

Recently one of Danica officers have already used the advantage of the Marine Medical Program and had a surgery at Medical House Odrex in Odessa.
He had been operated free of charge and Danica Marine Medical Program covered all the expenses. In the meantime the seaman feels good and his family is happy for him. We wish all our crew strong health and good luck ! Stay with Danica and enjoy all our special services for seafarers and their families.

LNG carrier VLADIMIR RUSANOV arrived in China recently with Danica Crew onboard

The day of July 19th was historic in all respects: the tanker 'Vladimir Rusanov'
first moored off the Chinese coast with junior officers supplied by Danica Crewing
Services on board.

The workers of the port of Jiangsu first met the gas carrier with such unique characteristics.
Denis Bonnetta, the Captain of the tanker 'Vladimir Rusanov' says:
"Due to the peculiarities of its design, this ship can walk in ice independently.
He does not need the help of an icebreaker to get through the Arctic."

We are pleased to share with you the link below:


MLC Certificate Renewal


In July 2018 Danica passed annual audit by Bureau Veritas. The MLC 
compliance certificate was successfully renewed for another 3 years and 
now is valid till July 18th, 2021.
Danica was one of the first manning agencies in Ukraine who was certified 
for MLC compliance back in 2013.

Five Vessel Deliveries With Danica Crew Onboard

The beginning of summer 2018 was marked by several vessel deliveries. Among them - five Bulk Carriers: Medi Palmarola, Medi Serapo, Medi Ginevra, Medi Egadi and Medi Cagliari. All Senior and Junior Officers, including cadets were supplied by Danica Crewing Services for Medi Palmarola and Medi Egadi new Cargo Ships. Many seafarers from Danica pool were happy to join all the five crews. We wish them fair winds and following seas!

Medi Cagliari
Medi Ginevra

The International Forum 2018 on Seafarer's Education, Training & Crewing in Odessa

Danica Crewing Specialists at the International Forum on Seafarer's Education, Training & Crewing in Odessa

You have already applied with Danica? Then please update your application at:

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Danica 5th Anniversary in Odessa

Today Danica in Odessa, Ukraine is celebrating our five-year anniversary under the Danica flag, but the roots of the office actually go back to 2009.

The business concept of Danica back then was – and still is today -  to provide high quality crewing services to demanding shipping companies by connecting shipping companies with highly competent seafarers who all have passed a rigid screening.

The concept has proven to be right: In the past five years Danica has deployed 10,935 seafarers on 499 vessels with 44 owners. 29,216 seafarers have registered their application with Danica. 9,210 seafarers were in our office for screening and 3,919 passed as they fulfilled our strict requirements.

The team in the office in Odessa today counts 33 members and in addition to the traditional manning agency services we offer a range of value added services including payroll, training, planning, crew logistic, consulting and accounting.

In 2015 Danica expanded with an office in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and in 2016 we established offices Vladivostok and Nakhodka in Russia.

In 2017 Danica Training Services was established to ensure homogeneous high-quality training of seafarers across the locations where we have offices.

Danica Hospitality People – our newest branch - has started operating this week to cover an increasing demand of service personnel for cruise vessels and ferries.

We take this opportunity to send a warm thank you for the support we have received from our clients, seafarers and partners. We are looking forward to continue working with you for the benefits of all of us.

Kind regards

The Danica Team

Danica Crew Onboard Chemical Tanker MV NORE

We are pleased to share the news that a full crew from Danica took over 
the chemical tanker MV Nore  on behalf of her new owners CANSHIP UGLAND.

The vessel  is 3,569, dtw and  flying the  Malta flag. MV NORE started its first
voyage from Turkey with 11 members of Danica crew along with owners
representative and currently heading to Halifax in Canada.

We wish both the crew and the ship fair wind and good luck!  

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by clicking
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Danica’s medical insurance program and other benefits for seafarers joining through Danica have also got the attention of the local maritime press in Odessa. Please follow this link, an interesting article in the “Marine Telegraph” (In Russian):




Danica Promotion Pipeline Program

The Danica Promotion Pipeline Program gives all well-performing crew members the opportunity to make a fast career. 

Every crew member enrolled in the program has a personal training book and check list for items you as a minimum must know to be promoted. In this way Danica supports you so you are ready to be promoted as soon as there is a vacancy your next-higher rank.

In Danica we take care of all our seafarers and offer all well-performing crew excellent conditions, promotion prospects and steady and long employment relations with first-class ship owners.

Apply online by using our electronic application form or update your application here 



Danica Medical Insurance Program

On 20th of February a group of our seamen was enrolled in Danica Medical Insurance Program which is now introduced for all crew working on Eagle Bulk ships through Danica and the first medical insurance cards were delivered to the first group of seamen. 

All officers and ratings working for Eagle Bulk and who have successfully completed two contracts qualifies for enrolment. After three contracts also the families are getting enrolled in the medical insurance program. 

"It's great that Danica introduced this medical program," says Chief Engineer Viktor Lizogub, who works with Danica Crewing Services on Eagle Bulk vessels. "I am eager to work with a company who cares about its seamen not only onboard but also ashore."

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New Year Celebration with Danica

New Year and Christmas with Danica has become our good tradition! The New Year holiday is a magic time for all of us and especially for kids. This year Danica has brought some magic and joy to the families of our crew. It was a great privilege and pleasure to arrange the New Year celebration and Christmas festivities where all the children received lovely sweet gifts. Everybody enjoyed Christmas magic spirit and holiday event organized by our Owners and Management, our Partners (Sirius Ship Management, FRS, Forest Wave Navigation, Eagle Ship Management) and friendly Danica Team! Till next year, Dear Santa!

Delivery of MEDI ROMA and MEDI ZUOZ sister ships

End of the year 2017 was marked by several vessel deliveries. Among them Bulk Carrier MEDI ROMA /SUPRAMAX delivered on November 30th 2017 and its sister ship MEDI ZUOZ delivered on December 8th . Many seafarers from Danica pool were happy to join both crews. We wish them good luck and friendly wind !

2nd Engineer Polyakov Denys and Chief Officer Boboshko Mykhaylo
3rd Engineer Shylovskyi Dmytro, Chief Engineer Chykanakov Yevgen, 2nd Engineer Polyakov Denys and 4th Engineer Soroka Dmytro

Danica crew onboard the Ice-breaking type LNG carrier VLADIMIR RUSANOV

Ice-breaking type LNG carrier VLADIMIR RUSANOV, DSME Hull 2424, the fifth ship of the fifteen LNGC being built by DSME to serve Yamal LNG project and jointly owned by MOL and CSLNG was named yesterday at DSME Okpo shipyard in South Korea. Two junior officers have joined Vladimir Rusanov from Danica-crewing pool.

The Vladimir Rusanov and its sister ships will have independent ice-breaking capabilities enabling them to sail in seas with ice up to 2.1m thick. The vessels will transport LNG from the Yamal LNG plant at Sabetta on Russia's Yamal Peninsula to worldwide LNG markets throughout the year. They will also be able to sail on the Arctic Sea Route to transport LNG to East Asia via the Bering Strait during the summer months. They are expected to make major contributions from various aspects such as improvement of LNG transport efficiency, establishment of a new transport route, and further reduction of CO2 emissions by shortening sailing distances.

Meeting with Sirius Ship Management Srl

21-22.11.17 – Ms. Francesca Manzi – General Manager Sirius Ship Management Srl and Capt. Aniello Mazzella  - Group Crew Director d’Amico Societa di Navigazion S.p.A. have visited Danica office in Odessa.

This meeting is aimed to have a chance to stay closer to the crew. It is always a good opportunity during such face-to-face meetings to discuss the questions coming from the seafarers and tell about the Co’s future strategy and vision.

The good employer is always taking care of the crew to make their work on board smooth, safe and comfortable.


During the 45th week of November 2017 another ABB Azipod Course for MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd was held at the ABB Marine Academy Helsinki.

Three of our Third Officers and 3A Engineers  were attending this training so that in future they can join one of Yamal project vessels.

First group will join  “Vladimir Rusanov” (one of three MOL’s icebreaking LNG carriers) in December 2017.


Great news from our clients

        New deliveries in Nordic Hamburg Shipmanagement GmbH

MV Songa Alya, mv Songa Antofagasta and mv Songa Calabria are new deliveries which became part of growing Nordic fleet.

MV Songa Alya is a container vessel with 41748DWT powered by B&W 1 x 7K80MC-C, 2 Stroke type of engine registered under Liberia flag.

MV Antofagasta is a container vessel with 35534DWT powered by MAN-B&W 1 x 7L70MC-C, 2 Stroke engine registered under Liberia flag. 

MV Songa Calabria is a container vessel with 50353DWT powered by MAN-B&W 1 x 8K90MC-C, 2 Stroke engine registered under Liberia flag.

         New deliveries in Sirius Ship Management S.r.l.

MV Cielo Bianco and mv Cielo Rosso are sister products tankers with 74100DWT registered under Liberia and Malta flag accordingly. 

Crew are happy to be a part of our clients’ team.


Danica Training Services

We are pleased to announce the launching of Danica Training Services.

Danica Training Services offers you high-quality training in Odessa and Saint Petersburg.

Our catalogue of courses includes standard STCW/IMO courses and other important courses to upgrade your knowledge.

To be a successful officer today equally important to hard technical knowledge and skills are soft competencies such as leadership, behavior and safety culture management. Danica offers value adding courses which give the participants a platform of modern man-management tools including self-assessment. Please read more below.

Danica's training programs are created by active seafarers whose knowledge and experience puts them at the forefront of ship industry instruction. 

Please visit www.danica-training.com to learn more and see all our courses and make a booking.

11000 updated applications from our officers

In January 2017 Danica launched a feature where seafarers who have registered their application with us can log-in and keep their data updated. This includes personal data and sea service records.

Since January and until today 11099 of the about 27000 seafarers in Danica’s database have used the new system to update or confirm the validity of the data in their application. When we include the number of seafarers who applied or which application was updated manually by office within the past 12 months then in total about 15,000 applications in our files have an age than one year.

The high number of updated applications in combination with our efficient and advanced search tools enables Danica to fast introduce the suitable candidates for any vacancy.

The International Forum on Seafarers’ “Education, Training & Crewing”

This is a big yearly event in crewing business  taking place in Odessa – the largest seafarer hub in Europe with a lot of participants from the industry – local as well as from abroad.

The presentation of  Danica was very received by the audience and raised a lot of interest to learn more about Danica’s advanced screening processes.

Our company increased the efficiency of presence at the Forumextended business relations and offered our services to the highest level professionals.

Danica opens offices in Vladivostok and Nakhodka!

We are pleased to announce the opening of two new Danica offices in Vladivostok and Nakhodka enabling us to reach out to the many seafarers in Eastern Russia.

The offices two offices are in cooperation with Sea Agency - a very well reputated local crewing agency.

The addresses and telephone numbers for the new offices are:

13, Stanukovicha
Telephone: +7 4232412923 or +7 4232412932

1, Sportivnaya street, Office 109
Telephone: +7 4236 611588

Is Your Application up-to-date?

You can update your application now with Danica through the seafarer section on our homepage. Please go to cv.danica-crewing.com and check that all your data is updated.

You can also apply for one of our vacancies with first class owners when you have logged-in.

Have you not yet applied with Danica? Then please apply online now through:


New Year and Christmas Together with Danica

The New Year holiday is a joyful and cheerful time for all of us and especially for children. This year Danica has brought a little fun and gladness to the families of our crew.

It was an honor and pleasure for us to organize the greatest New Year and Christmas celebrations for children where all have enjoyed the magic fairy tale and show and have received nice sweet presents.

We hope it will be our good tradition to get the owners - crew – Danica together to spend time with our friendly team and enjoy holiday spirit every year.

1100 Seafarers Connected Through Danica Crewing Services

Danica Crewing Services continued to grow through 2016 and we now connect more than 1100 highly competent seafarers with first class shipping companies around the Globe. The success confirms the strength in our concept: Robust screening of all seafarers new to us and always act in the interest of our clients and at the same time be fair to the seafarers. Both ship owners and seafarers value of services.

We will continue to grow and offer very good vacancies with first class ship owners. If you have not already registered your application with us, then please apply online now through:


New Client Thome group

Thome Group is a dynamic provider of integrated ship management services to the international shipping and offshore industries.

Thome group includes more than 300 vessels under full technical management serviced by 750 shore staff and 12,000 crew members. The Thome Group is recognized as one of the world’s leading independent international ship managers with offices and agents worldwide.

Since October 2016 Danica has started to cooperate with Thome group and we provide crew from Ukraine and Russia.

You can find out more information by the following link: http://www.thome.com.sg

New Client BBG

Our new client BBG "Bremer Bereederungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG" is German based shipmanagement company, their fleet consist of bulkers and MPC vessels trading WW.

Today BBG manage nearly 30 bulk carriers up to 92.500 DWT capacity and provide all services of a modern ship manager under highest quality levels, safety aspects and cost consideration.

BBG and Danica Crewing Services started cooperation in August 2016 and continue to work fruitfully where Danica provides qualified crew for BBG vessels.

For more information, please visit the web site: http://www.bbg-shipmanagement.com

Annual Audit by Bureau Veritas

Danica Crewing Services was one of the first manning agencies in Ukraine who was certified for MLC compliance back in 2013.In July 2016 Danica was audited by Bureau Veritas and the MLC compliance certificate was renewed.

However, Danica is not only certified for MLC compliance. We are also following Bureau Veritas extensive ISO-9000 based standard for approval of manning agencies and audited and certified according by Bureau Veritas

New Client for Danica: Diamond Ship Management

Diamond Ship Management benefits from being a member of The Diamond Group, a group of companies with the ability to offer the complete ship support solution.

Diamond Ship Management is one of the biggest reefer managers for number of well known ship owners.

Danica and Diamond Ship Management started cooperation in August 2014 and continue to work fruitfully. We supply Senior crew thoroughly selected for reefer vessels.

For more information, please visit the web site http://www.diamondship.be


New Client for Danica: Claus-Peter Offen Tankschiffreederei (GmbH & Co.) KG

Claus-Peter Offen Tankschiffreederei (GmbH & Co.) KG, Offen Tankers, started in 2007 and is a sister company to Reederei Claus-Peter Offen, founded 1971, one of the leading container ship owners. Offen Tankers is a dynamic growing, first class ship manager of own and 3rd party tankers and bulk carriers of all types and sizes. Offen Tankers manages a fleet of 28 very modern vessels to the highest industry standards. Offen Tankers and Danica Crewing Services started close cooperation in November 2014.Danica provides qualified officers for several bulk carriers.

More new-buildings to come into management later this/next year. 

For more information, please visit the web site http://www.offentankers.de/


Our Partners: Scanmar Maritime Services

Danica Crewing Services and Scanmar Maritime Services started cooperation in Aug 2013.

Scanmar Maritime Services was established in 1982, to provide Philippine crew for Philippines flag vessels owned by a Swedish and Filipino joint venture group.

Historically, Scanmar has been positioned very close to Scandinavian owners and in its early years their main activity was concentrated only within the reefer sector.

The Company presently provides over 3500 crewmembers for more than 250 vessels including a large number with a full Filipino complement starting from Master down to the lowest rank.

 Scanmar Maritime Services manage the following types of ships: bulk, container, general cargo, passenger, reefer, ro-ro, chemical, product & oil tankers plus various types of off-shore vessels such as dive support, platform support, survey, seismic multi-purpose supply, cable lay, cable repair and pipe-lay units.

We started our joint venture with Scanmar to have a chance to provide our clients with full package of crewing services which includes the crew (mostly Officers) from CIS and Philippines (mostly Ratings/Jr Officers). In this case our clients have only one contact point (this is Danica in Odessa) where the whole crew logistics (recruitment/screening/selection/planning/pre-joining) is planned and coordinated with Scanmar.

 For more information, please visit http://www.scanmar.com.ph/


Annual Audit with Germanischer Lloyd

Danica is approved by GL and fulfils requirements of the Standard for the Approval of Recruitment and Placement Service Providers. Thus to prove the MLC Certificate we have to pass Annual Surveillance audit.

Danica staff are fully aware of the responsibilities and passed it successfully. The goal of this audit was to ensure that all the procedures are strictly followed by all Danica employees.

The Certificate is valid until 1st of August 2016, provided that annual maintenance of this Approval Certificate is maintained and confirmed by Germaischer Lloyd according to Section C 6.2. of Germanischer Lloyd’s “Standard for the Approval of Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Service Providers”. 

New Client for Danica

Danica Crewing Services closely cooperates with Italian crew manager Sirius Ship Management who are a daughter Company of D’Amico and supply crew for more than 90 vessels.

    Starting in 1997 from managing few owned vessels  D’Amico  decided  they need an office in Genoa and a branch in India.
     Today the Indian office is Company’s main source for selection and recruitment of skilled candidates. Indian branch office cooperates with Manila office and many partners around the world.
Sirius Genoa, the head-office, are responsible for crew planning and selection and recruitment of both Italian and non-Italian crewmembers  and coordinate this with all Company’s branches/agents.
     For more than 15 years of activity in the Crew Management, Sirius can count more than 3000 employees operating on almost 90 vessels with about 100 office-staff members in Genova, Manila, Mumbai, New Delhi e Kolkata. The biggest clients for Sirius are d'Amico Societa di Navigazione SpA, Baleno International Tour Agenzia di Viaggi Navigazione Montanari Spa Maritime Shipping, D'Alesio Group Maritime Shipping, FANIMAR Fondo Assistenza Nazionale Integrativa Marittimi, Omnia S.r.I. Informatics, Ishima-Pte. Ltd International Shipmanagement, International Maritime Employers' Committee Limited.

      The fleet is presented widely by Oil and Oil Chemical Tankers, Ocean research vessels , Bulk Carriers and Container, Ro/Ro vessels and m/yachts.

     During 2014 Danica and Sirius supplied more than 40 vessels with Ukrainian and Russian crew members.

For more information, please visit the web site http://www.siriusship.com


Danica New Office in Saint Petersburg

Danica Crewing Services is a manning agency, recruitment and placement provider offering high quality manning and related services to shipping companies. Now we expanded our presence in Russia. Saint Petersburg was decided to be the best place for another branch office to cover handling of Russian crew. The office is quite easy to reach from any side of the city as is located in the exact center of the city.  It is situated in business center “Tempo”on Nevsky Prospect, within a 2-minutes’ walk from Mayakovsky Metro Station, not far from Moskovsky railway station and Vosstaniya Square metro station. Headed by Managing Director Oleg Ivanov, who has gained significant operational and strategic experience with strong background in Marine HR.

To get in touch with us in Russia please visit our staff at:

Nevsky prospect 104A, business center “Tempo”, office 223

Tel.: +7 812 6445505, fax.: +7 812 6445505

Nordic Hamburg New Buildings

Nordic Hamburg Shipmanagement was founded in 2008 by Dr Rowil Ponta, Richard Grube and Captain Henrik Jensen. The business concept today is the same as it was back then: to provide high-quality ship management services to discerning ship owners as an equal partner with full transparency.
The fleet comprises more than 20 vessels, which company manage through head office in Hamburg and  
implant office in Odessa, Ukraine.

Danica Crewing is the exclusive manning agency to provide crew from Ukraine and Russia.

Nordic Hamburg Shipmanagement  continues develop and enlarge their  fleet. Nordic Stade and AS Venetia were taken into management in February 2014. Mv Nordic Stade and mv AS Venetia are supramax bulk carriers registered under Liberian flag and built in 2011 and 2010 accordingly.

Spring 2014 was full of important events such as new buildings delivery in China. Mv Nordic Stralsund, mv Nordic Alianca and mv Nordic Yarra are new buildings which became part of great Nordic fleet.

Mv Nordic Stralsund is a container vessel with 46000DWT powered by Wartsila 1 x 6RT-flex82C 2 Stroke type of engine registered under Marshall Islands flag. First crew members joined the vessel provided by Danica Crewing Services at the end of July 2014.

Mv Nordic Alianca and mv Nordic Yarra are sister bulk carriers 37,500 DWT powered by Wartsila 1 x 5RT-flex50 2 Stroke type of ME  registered under Isle of Man flag. Danica started to provide these vessels with crew from March and May 2014 accordingly.

For more information, please visit the web site www.nordic-hamburg.de

Our New Client

 MTM Ship Management Pte Ltd, was founded in 1988 in Singapore to manage a fleet of 6 chemical tankers owned and/or bareboat chartered by the MTM Group. Since then MTMSM has progressed into competitive ship management with a fleet of 45 vessels for Owners based in Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, USA and United Kingdom.

 MTM Ship Management Pte Ltd manage various types of vessels which are modern handysize bulkers, containers, and Chemical/Product Tankers, the newest were delivered in 2014.

 MTM Ship Management Pte Ltd and Danica Crewing Services started close cooperation back in 2013 and extended it in spring 2014. Nowadays Danica is an exclusively used manning agency to provide crew from Ukraine and Russia.

For more information please visit the web site  www.mtmshipmanagement.com

New Client for Danica

In recent years, Förde Reederei Seetouristik (FRS) has grown from a regional passenger ferry operator to an internationally active business group with about 30 vessels and approximately 1000 employees. Every year, FRS carries 5.4 million passengers and 1.3 million vehicles in total. The FRS success story as a short route ferry operator goes all the way back to 1866.

Today, FRS, with its base in Northern Germany, has a portfolio that comprises 13 subsidiaries located in Europe and North Africa. In addition to numerous international ferry and catamaran lines, three regional bus operations complete the product range.

FRS and Danica Crewing Services have started cooperation in autumn 2013. Danica provides stewardesses for Spanish and German lines ferries.

Starting from May, 2014  our catering crew candidates work on-board the vessels with exclusive working schedule 2 months on-board and 1 month. Girls live either on-board or ashore and work together with other nationalities of crew.

For more details, please visit the website


Dannebrog New Building

Danica Crewing Services cooperates with  Rederei AS as from 2013.

Dannebrog provide a ship owner and a ship manager services to the clients with chemical / oil tankers as well as RORO vessels.

“Nordana” is one of the companies of Dannebrog. These are new generation RORO vessels, very sophisticated and hi-tech equipped. The first new building m/v Wedellsborg  was delivered in May 2014. Danica Crewing Services supplies crew for this vessel.

For more information please visit the web site of Dannebrog and Nordana under the following links:




The International Forum on Seafarers’ “Education, Training & Crewing”

The International Forum on Seafarers’  “Education, Training & Crewing” took place in Odessa from 23th to 24th of April, 2014.

This is a big yearly event in crewing business  taking place in Odessa – the largest seafarer hub in Europe with a lot of participants from the industry – local as well as from abroad.

Danica’s founder and CEO Henrik Jensen was a speaker at the conference and made a presentation about how Danica is using modern HR-tools in the screening and selection process. The presentation was very received by the audience and raised a lot of interest to learn more about Danica’s advanced screening processes.

The conference will take place again in April 2015 and gives an excellent opportunity to visit Odessa meet other colleagues from the industry. You will of course also be welcome to visit our offices.


Danica Achieves Certification by Germanischer Lloyd

Danica is now accredited by Germanischer Lloyds for being in compliance with Germanischer Lloyd’s Standard for the Approval of Recruitment and Placement Service Providers. The standard is a comprehensive ISO9000-like set of requirements to how a manning agency should operate and handle relations to clients, seafarers as well as operational and recruitment processes in order to achieve excellence in manning agency services. Following the standard also includes MLC 2006 compliance, and consequently Danica Crewing Services is also certified by Germanischer Lloyd for being in compliance with MLC 2006.

 Capt. Henrik Jensen, owner of Danica Maritime Group says: “The certification by Germanischer Lloyd of the Danica Crewing Services is a milestone in the company’s history, and confirms our commitment to supply services of highest standards, and always represent the shipowners and managers in a proper way and at the same time being a fair link to the seafarer employed through us.”

 The certification also closes the gab caused by Ukraine not being a party to the MLC, and Danica Crewing Services are fully able to supply crew to any flag also after the 20th of August, the day when the MLC comes into force.

Danica accepted by Liberian flag as Recruitment and Placement Provider under the MLC

Today Danica was accepted by the Liberian Registry of Shipping as Recruitment and Placement Provider Service under the MLC and Danica can continue to supply crew for vessels under Liberian flag after the 20th of August, when the Maritime Labour Convention comes into force.

 Recruitment and Placement Provider Service is the term used in the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) and in general covers the same as the well-known industry terms such as manning agency or crewing agency.

Danica Receives MLC Approval by Croatian Registry of Shipping

Danica Crewing Services has today been certified by Croatian Registry of Shipping as being in compliance with the provisions of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (in short MLC) which comes into force on the 20th of August.

 The certificate has been issued based on Croatian Registry of Shipping’s two days audit of Danica in order to verify compliance.

Record number of Crew Recruited through Danica in June

It is known by all shipping companies: The shortage of competent crew always worsen in the summer months. However, although we admit it is difficult and hard work, Danica’s recruitment team was able to provide our clients with as many as 63 new recruited officers, mainly senior officers, in the month of June, and we were able to cover all needs of our existing clients as well as the new clients who came to us as their current manning agencies were not able to perform.

 Despite the high intake of officers, we do of course not compromise with our high standards of screening the competence of each and every seafarer in order to ensure that the candidates introduced fulfils the requirements of our principals.

 The reason for Danica being successfully in providing the many new officers is a combination of our very good reputation amongst Ukrainian seafarers as being a fair manning agency only providing employment with first-class owners, a large number of applications in our files, and our continuous advertisement efforts – and of course a well-organised, competent and committed team of recruitment professionals.

 Danica supplies more than 400 seafarers, mainly officers, to a wide portfolio of vessels including container vessels, bulk carriers, chemical, product and crude oil tankers as well as multi-purpose and heavy lift vessels, car carriers and bunker vessels. We also supply specialised crew to offshore vessels.

Renovated and Expanded Office

In order to accommodate new office staff employed to cope with the expanding business of Danica Crewing Services, our office spaces have been expanded to the double size and also complete renovated. We are still at the same address Lyustdorfskaya Doroga, 172/1 in Odessa.

 The crew onboard now counts more than 200 seamen, mainly senior officers on container vessels, bulk carriers, chemical, product and crude oil tankers.

Education, Training and Crewing in Odessa

The International Forum on Seafarers’ Education, Training and Crewing held their first conference in Odessa on April 24th to 25th in Odessa.

 The conference discussed topics including training, crewing, and competence development as well as the consequences of the Ukraine will not be a party to the MLC 2006 convention coming into force in August this year.

The conference was attended by a wide number of senior Marine-HR professionals from around the world, and Henrik Jensen, Owner of the Danica Maritime Group of companies, also participated in the conference.

New Vessel in crew Management

The crew for the M/V La Surprise, car carrier, 1700 private cars left from Odessa today in order to take up their duties onboard. The crew onboard is supplied through Danica Crewing Services in Odessa, and the crew management of the vessel is done through Danica Maritime Services.

The vessel is the 15th to which Danica supplies full crewing services, and the total number of crew supplied to all vessels now counts more than 200.

New Building M/V Nordic Nanjing

Today the M/V Nordic Nanjing was delivered to her owners GNS Shipping, a company in the Nordic Hamburg Group of companies.

The Nordic Nanjing, which is manned by crew supplied through Danica Crewing Services, is a modern handy size bulk carrier (37,300 dwt) of the Seahorse 35 design which has been proven to be a very valuable asset to Nordic Fleet. The hull shape of the vessel in combination with a modern electronic main engine from Wärtsila as well as the propeller being fitted with a Becker Mewis Duct® device makes the ship extremely fuel efficient. With low CO2 emissions the vessel and her other sisters in the Nordic fleet are some of the most environmental friendly handy size bulk carriers in the world.

Annual Audit by Bureau Veritas

Danica was one of the first manning agencies in Ukraine who was certified for MLC compliance back in 2013. In July 2016 Danica was audited by Bureau Veritas and the MLC compliance certificate was renewed.

However, Danica is not only certified for MLC compliance. We are also following Bureau Veritas extensive ISO-9000 based standard for approval of manning agencies and audited and certified according by Bureau Veritas.